Biggbrands, which adds value to the investments of brands with logistics and online product distribution services and loyalty solutions offered to Turkish brands who want to find a place in the global market and grow internationally, helps to increase brand awareness in the global market with the support it provides in digital marketing.

To establish a dominant brand in the global market is not something that every company can do with the many costs and the risk it brings. Being part of this global network in online platform is a more cost-free and more risk-free option for most brands. Biggbrands reduces this cost and minimizes the risks. Keeps the contracted products of the contracted brands in stocks.

At the same time, it takes the products of suppliers with XML structure through this structure, and everything from storage to distribution, from marketplace management to after sales service is the responsibility of the Biggbrands team.

At the same time, Biggbrands, which contributes to brand awareness with the support of digital marketing, helps brands to name globally. The platform contributing to brands with its loyalty solutions, logistics and online product distribution services; It works to add value to brands with its expert team consisting of brand managers, channel managers, digital marketing managers.

Advantages of Biggbrands Cooperation

  • Your brand and products will take place in the biggest e-commerce marketplaces of Europe, MEA and Russia.
  • Specific plans for your brand and product groups and creative lists are made to increase the search results.
  • With the creative solutions of expert teams, your brand stands out among all competitors, global sales and company profit increase.
  • Brands reach 95+ countries through logistics centers in Amsterdam, Dubai and Istanbul by guaranteed product delivery, storage and cargo services.
  • Products and stocks are collected collectively and taken to logistics centers via XML link.
  • With the authorized dealers, the wrong positioning of the brand is prevented.
  • With the optimization of content and special photo shoots, the product lists get better results than the competing products.