Considering that all competitors share the same online platforms, it is clear how high the competition is and therefore how much each brand needs digital marketing.

It is much easier to reach targets when the right strategy is developed in e-commerce marketplaces where many points are important, from original SEO compatible content to detailed product photographs, from audience analysis to pricing.

Digital marketing experts, the most important part of the Biggbrands team, improve the listing order of Biggbrands brands by specific planning and specific optimizing according to the marketplace.

Empower Your Power With Digital Marketing Services!

Quality Content: Product content is one of the most influential criteria that brings up the ranking for the world’s largest e-commerce sites, such as Amazon.

Products are moved to the first pages and content is rewarded by the marketplace when products are written in line with the format accepted by Amazon, SEO compliant, include keywords, provide valuable information, be creative and unique, catch users and. Content editors of Biggbrands create product contents according to these criteria.

Detailed Product Photos: When the brand has the more detailed, the more original and creative product photos then the more information the users will have and the criteria requested by the marketplace will be met. Expert photographers of Biggbrands take product photos according to these criteria.

Keyword Research: With the special tools used to find the best keywords to increase sales, you obtain more successful results than competing products.

More Product Evaluation: The more product evaluations that are very important in terms of marketing, the better your product and strategy means. When customers are served well, they reward you with their comments and the ratings they give. When digital brand marketing is correct, indirect evaluations increase.