Biggbrands Offers

  • Your new brandshop within the marketplace
  • Trademark Service
  • A+ Content Development
  • PPC Marketing

A+ Content

With the application included in the A+ Content program, it allows placing images and content in the product description section at the bottom of Amazon product pages. The application, where you can include comprehensive information and visual stories about your products, provides conversion rates (that is, the ratio of customers who visit the page and buy the product to all page visitors) between 3% and 10%.

Your New Brandshop with in the Marketplace

One of the most crucial deeds to do in a Marketplace is to get your own BRANDSHOP opened within it. Biggbrands assists you in shaping your own brand store with your optimized products so that you can gain extra competitive advantage against your competitors.

Amazon Advertising

Getting in touch with customers in a short time is beneficial both to them and to your business. Biggbrands offers advertising solutions such as Amazon PPC and Google ADS and assist you market your brand and products to the world globally.

Product Promotion Methods

It offers a number of promotional functions to sellers. Designing and implementing a strong promotional campaign requires managing a strategy and an initial setup. This is where we come in!