It’s time to think bigg and global! Today, millions of buyers flock to global e-commerce marketplaces, and these channels create crucial opportunities to test and become part of international markets.

With the expansion of the e-commerce market, there are more options for brands that want to place in the market globally, have new sales channels and increase their company profits.

As Biggbrands, we use the power and influence of marketplaces to bring brands together with this idea and open a door to them in the global market.

If we consider that brands will remain like a grain of sand in this ocean, we develop certain strategies and work with the most important marketplaces so that they do not disappear and stand out.

Among these important e-commerce marketplaces, there are Europe’s largest online shopping sites,,, C-discount,, one of the most valuable marketplaces in the Middle East, , AliExpress, one of the most important online shopping sites in the world, and, which aims to become the Amazon of Russia.

The Power of E-Commerce

What advantages do brands have in the global marketplaces?

You can increase sales by taking place in marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress,

You can improve Amazon listings with original content and detailed product photos that increase the sale ratio,

With the improvement in search results, it can increase its market share,

You can increase awareness by promoting new products,

By positioning with similar products, you can avoid competitors.

Bulk Product Supply

Moving bulk product supplies to online platforms; It is much easier and safer than outdated printed catalogs to deal with a separate paperwork for each transaction.

With time-saving bulk product sales, there is time to focus more on the key aspects of the business such as selling, attracting more customers, making new deals.

With bulk product supply process implemented by Biggbrands, you can avoid

Manually tracking inventory

Traditional methods that are obsolete,

One of the disruptions in operations management

Time-consuming, complex processes!

Easily Deal With High Volume Orders!

With the flexible pricing advantages of online platforms, fast ordering tools, customer-specific product lists and high-volume ordering features, brands can benefit from all the convenience and benefits of online sales.

Manage Wholesale

You can offer different pricing levels for wholesale and retail customers, control and manage prices in different channels.


Products, product information and stocks are listed as standard in all loyalty e-commerce projects via XML link.

Online Projects

The database of selected Turkish brands is supported in all online projects with updated information.

Warehouse and Supply Chain Management

With warehouse and supply chain management, all products are stored in Istanbul Logistics Center, and distributed to Amsterdam and Dubai centers through order management and temporary storage.

Digital Marketing

Within the scope of digital marketing studies, SEO optimization, category integration, taking detailed photos takes place.

Digital Brand Marketing

Considering that all competitors share the same online platforms, it is clear how high the competition is and therefore how much each brand needs digital marketing.

Personal Account Management

Our brand managers, being your business partnersi will make brand specific and creating lists for each of your brands and product groups and creative listings that will boost your search results


Biggbrands reduces this cost and minimizes the risks. Keeps the contracted products of the contracted brands in stocks.

At the same time, it takes the products of suppliers with XML structure through this structure, and everything from storage to distribution, from marketplace management to after sales service is the responsibility of the Biggbrands team.