Helping Brands Grow Globally

BIGGBRANDS, helps brands increase their sales on global marketplaces through its services below:

Content Creation

Brands product listings get better results on marketplaces when Biggbrands team come and create new content with appropriate optimizations along with special photo shoots by the SEO editors and digital marketing experts.

Keyword Optimization

Biggbrands SEO experts make keyword optimizations by using the most relevant tools and data to achive the best organic rankings.

Listing and Channel Management

Biggbrands listing teams list and map products on the most relevant marketplace categories via our own API / XML integration tool called BIGGCHANNEL and / or third party channel integration mediums.

PPC Marketing

Biggbrands experts utilize PPC ( Pay-per-click ) online advertising models in order to get in the buy boxes so that brands achieve better sales

Logistics and Delivery

With Logistics and Supply chain management teams, Biggbrands manages stock management, warehousing, air, sea and land freight line hauls and last mile deliveries.

Customer Services & Review Management

Biggbrands Customer Services team operate on all return and review management services.

Brand Set Up & Product Openings And Updates


Initial Set Up & Content Development
BIGGBRANDS experienced product teams introduces your brand and products to the marketplaces by listing them one by one with suitable content details and once they are there keeps them updated so that sales continue to soar.

Taking Product Pictures
Product pictures are what makes them sell online!.. BIGGBRANDS photographers assess your product pictures and take new ones if the need be. Then graphic designers give them final shape with visual editing so that they come to the audience with their best looks.


Content Translations & Optimızation
The products to be listed need to be translated into the languages of target markets. Similarly, content optimization is also performed including user comments and reviews so that they can come forth and be eligible to be sold.

Product Listings
By using sophisticated keyword patterns, products are brought into
a format compatible with search engines which is the key to appear on top results.



Your New Brandshop Within The Marketplace

One of the most crucial deeds to do in a Marketplace is to get your own BRANDSHOP opened within it. BIGGBRANDS assists you in shaping your own brand store with your optimized products so that
you can gain extra competitive advantage against your competitors.


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