We expand your sales channels in more than 100 global marketplaces and bring you to your desired goals. Each project is managed by a PROJECT Director appointed by BIGGBRANDS. This director stays in one-on-one contact with the BRAND and ensures the coordination between the relevant units and MARKETERS of BIGGBRANDS for the following services.

Services and Solutions For The Global E-Commerce

  • Identification of Brands & Target Markets
  • Product Listing Optimization According to Your Marketplace Sales Channel
  • Marketplaces IT Integration
  • Database Hosting
  • IT Security
  • Sales Reporting
  • Product Catalog Launch
kanal entegrasyonu ve yonetimi

Channel Integration and Management

We combine product and shipment management in one central platform with our integrations in more than 100 markets worldwide.

listeleme ve optimizasyon

Listing and Optimization

By using sophisticated keyword patterns, products are brought into a format compatible with search engines which is the key to appear on top results.

anahtar kelime analizi

Keyword Analysis and Seo

The products to be listed need to be translated into the languages of target markets. Similarly, content optimization is also performed including user comments and reviews so that they can come forth and be eligible to be sold.

musteri hizmetleri ve geri bildirim

Customer Service and Feedback

We control the whole process in after-sales customer service, shipment and returns management.

As Biggbrands, we understand the importance of having a strong online presence in today’s global e-commerce market. Therefore, we offer comprehensive marketplace consulting services to help brands expand their sales channels and reach their desired targets.

Our team of experienced project managers works closely with each brand to identify target markets and optimize product listings for specific marketplace sales channels. Additionally, we offer IT integration and hosting, as well as sales reporting and product catalog launch services to ensure a seamless and successful entry into the global e-commerce market.

In addition to channel integration and management, we also offer listing and optimization services using advanced keyword patterns to increase visibility and search engine rankings. We also provide expert keyword analysis and SEO services, including language translation and content optimization, to ensure that products are easily discoverable by potential customers.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Biggbrands. Therefore, we offer comprehensive customer service and feedback management, including post-sales support, shipment, and return management. With our wide range of services and solutions, we help brands succeed in the global e-commerce market.