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  • 19 January 2022
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The E-Commerce Giant Connecting Turkey’s Brands with the World

BIGGBRANDS was founded with the aim of carrying valuable Turkish brands to the world through a global marketplace. Operating in over 30 global marketplaces, BIGGBRANDS brings together thousands of products from different categories belonging to Turkish brands with consumers in more than 95 countries.

In the global e-commerce space where competition is very high in every sense, operating in more than 30 marketplaces and standing out among thousands of competitors requires expert teams in various departments such as logistics, digital marketing, procurement, and customer relationship management to work in coordination and with great dedication to ensure the end user has a positive experience.

As marketplace store criteria, marketplace algorithms, digital marketing channels, and logistics options can vary, knowing the marketplace in which one operates and providing unique solutions to problems that arise in the marketplace demonstrates the importance of both coordinated teamwork of expert teams and experience in e-export.

BIGGBRANDS’s success in offering Turkish brands composed of thousands of SKUs in over 30 global marketplaces like Amazon, Bol, C-Discount, Noon, Ozon, Aliexpress, Carrefour, and E-Bay is made possible by leaning on the 20+ years of e-commerce experience of the BIGGPLUS GROUP and managing sales, marketing, logistics, customer relations, and content creation processes with expert teams.

In a commercial experience where the end user does not have a physical touch with the product, the content on the product page listed in the marketplaces is equivalent to physical contact in traditional trade. Therefore, BIGGBRANDS creates product content in 5 different languages, namely English, German, French, Russian, and Dutch, with its own content, photo, and graphic design teams. They conduct professional photo shoots in their own studio and pass these photos through a graphic design process, ensuring the best experience for the end user.

In global marketplaces where millions of sellers find a place for themselves, it is almost impossible to exist without creating a digital marketing strategy. BIGGBRANDS’s digital marketing team increases the visibility of their products with a multichannel marketing strategy, contributing to both brand awareness and sales performance. In addition, they aim to achieve better results in organic rankings by carrying out content optimization activities according to each marketplace’s unique algorithm.

With its advanced distribution network and logistics management, BIGGBRANDS aims to maintain the sales pace captured without running out of stock, while adhering to the golden rule of e-commerce: fast delivery. They do this through good supply chain management and planning, and strive to offer the best experience to the end user with pre- and post-sales customer support.

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